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Sedation Dentistry

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There is no longer a reason to avoid dental treatment because of fear. We offer many safe options to help patient's combat their dental anxiety. Please express your concerns to the dental team so we can choose the most appropriate option for you based on your level of anxiety, medical history and treatment needs.

For the mildly anxious patient, we have nitrous oxide or "laughing gas" available in all treatment rooms. Nitrous oxide provides most patients with a calm, relaxed feeling during treatment.

For the moderately anxious patient, we offer oral conscious sedation. Through the combination of oral anxiety-reducing medications and nitrous oxide inhalation, patients can achieve a deeply relaxed state and have little memory of the treatment recieved. Oral conscious sedation makes dental procedures more comfortable and convenient and may help reduce the number of visits required to complete treatment.

We also offer I.V. sedation performed in our office by a highly respected dental anesthesiologist. This type of sedation is reserved for the most anxious patients and results in a deeply relaxed state. Like oral conscious sedation, I.V. sedation allows us to work more efficiently, accomplishing more in less time with the same great quality.

For questions about Sedation Dentistry or to make an appointment, please call us at (817) 283-5376.

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